Saturday, November 3, 2012


In the darkness she flew unaware of the comfort she ignited in their world. So bright, so reassuring, so calming, voiceless, wordless yet inspiring all to follow. It was clear that she would illuminate their paths, and bring vitality to their tread. Her hypnotic glow warming their skin like a maternal embrace. Kindling all emotions, setting ablaze their surroundings. Her dazzling radiance addicting, gifting those in her presence and erasing all other possibilities. That luminous exhilaration made them feel like only they had received her enlightenment. She had bestowed on them a merciful luminosity that had purified their existence. They could not fathom a breath without her animation. Her passionate intensity like the perfect lover that they would never let go. Her peaceful brilliance forced all into an inevitable servitude because they could only feel their lack of luster in comparison. Was there a time, an era where her glory was unavailable? They were incapable of imagining such a possibility. Without her glossy guidance, they would feel lost, hopeless, purposeless. If she was to fade, they would automatically feel an unrelenting panic. She had to be constant, and dependable, only then could the splendor be continuous. The insanity arose when someone lost her. Even if it was by mistake, or by losing focus. Even if they had been blurred into deception, or hazed into confusion, or clouded into fogginess. Everyone knew the grandiose aftermath. She might never be found again. The search would be hard and long and unfulfilling. Only those who persisted might one day be subjected to her scintillating majesty. Vowing never to lose sight of her again.

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