Thursday, April 7, 2011

I am Spartacus

She had disappeared once again, able to find shelter in the run down monuments, able to distract their attention while she became one of the shadows. They all knew her, they all lit up when she was among them, because of her belief, because of her energy, because she had paid the ultimate sacrifice, and they were all in awe of that strength, from such a small young woman. She would stand tall in defiance and everyone would feel taller. She made them believe. She made them dream. She made them have hope. In return, they vowed to protect her. They knew she was their spirit, and that they would never allow them to capture her ever again. So when they searched, they undressed us each with their eyes hoping to find her. We all stepped forward, we all took our turn at confronting the oppression. We all protected her. Each one of us stomped loudly and declared "I am Egypt".

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Ring

She opened the closet to pull out her clothes, and there it lay staring at her. Elizabeth's ring. She looked at the mirror, and started caressing her cheeks the same way her late grandmother used to, that warm feeling had escaped her soul, it was now faintly returning. She could hear her nickname being called, she could even taste the blossom filled air that always surrounded Elizabeth. Her eyes were not deceiving her because indeed her reflection was almost identical to her gran's. All the memories of her were confined to the untarnished part of her life.
She stared at the ring on her finger, suddenly realizing the pain that it was inflicting by blocking her circulation. She damned these monstrous German hands she had inherited from her mother. She ferociously tried to twist the ring off. As if all the miserable years since then, came abruptly back, slapping her into reality. The ring finally removed, was tucked back into the drawer, and locked into safety. Her bruised finger another reminder of all that still needed to be done to re-equate the balance between what the reality is versus what it should be.