Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Star

Standing there, she is untroubled by the gazing eyes and knows that this is common practice. She is so attractive. She stands fluttering her brightly colored feathers and waits for the opportune time to start her melodious entertainment. She has to wait until there are just enough souls gazing at her. She knows this will be the highlight of their day and she understands their inability to go through a day without her. She glides gracefully and gets her curvy figure in position. The anticipation of what will come depletes all the oxygen, and there is silence. She stretches her neck and the musical magic starts. Her exhilarating charming humor dazzles everyone. No one can deny her vivid vibrant art and everyone encourages her to maintain the performance. She cannot refuse them, they have come for her and she has existed for them.

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