Friday, May 21, 2010


Hello my name is Sherine and I am an Apple addict. Isn't admitting the first step in overcoming an addiction. Or do you have to want to get rid of the obsession? Actually, my whole family is hooked on Apple. We all have iPhones, the four of us, even my 9 year old!!!It's pathetic, I know, there are kids starving all over the world. Both my sons have MacBooks,(these are for academic purposes- they need them- it's practically a school requirement). My husband has an iPad already and the rest of us are waiting on ours which should be arriving soon!!!! I think we've totally lost it. iTunes is our source for everything from games, to where we eat and now even it is becoming our bookstore. The truth is that we love gadgets and we end up using all their features. So, it's not as if it's a waste. We play family scrabble on the iPad. My husband reads more books, and magazines now because he has them always with him, in a more visible lighter format. My 7th grader uses the iPad Atlas App for his Social Studies. I use the iPages to write for my Blog and my little one loves playing Pinball and racing cars on it. So, it's totally justified for us to buy a couple right?
What can i say?
Hello my name is Sherine and I am an Apple Junkie:)

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  1. When you said that you were an 'apple' addict, i thought you meant the fruit. I guess that's how much UN-technological I am hehehe :D