Monday, March 15, 2010

Hosni Mubarak

Where is Hosni Mubarak? Is he still in Heidelberg, Germany or has he gone to Baden to a rehabilitation center?
Amr Adeeb slipped on Saturday night during his program Al Qahira Al Youm and said that Mubarak left the hospital.
Yet all the newspapers in Egypt and abroad, CNN, Reuters and Al-Jazeera are saying that Dr Markus Buechler of Heidelberg University Hospital is saying he is recovering normally.
If s,o why did they stop making press conferences?
Did the Minister of Health of Egypt, Hatem el Gabali really leave to go to the US to attend to his sick wife?
Why are Egyptians always left in the dark?
Why in these modern advanced times, do we need to still sit in ignorance?
Were the tumors really benign? Is he recovering normally?
If so then why hasn't he appeared at all since the operation?
Why is all the state media and even private Egyptian media barely mentioning his name, while usually he is headline news to every story.
Why are the rumors continuing to spread? because he is absent.
Why is he absent?
The Ruling Family refuse to tell us because in their eyes, we are lowly peasants who live on their land and we do not deserve basic human rights.
This is what Egypt has become.
There cannot be so much smoke without a fire being somewhere.

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