Saturday, March 27, 2010

Am I the only one that thinks Dubai US$9.5 billion is too much of a loan?

We read everyday about the horrors that our planet is facing from climate change to world hunger. Every week there is a natural disaster somewhere in the world like the recent ones in Haiti and Chile.

When you live in a city like Cairo, it is so easy to see the poverty and the struggle that so many millions of people have to go through to get basic sustenance like food, shelter and health care. Yet Cairo isn’t even the worst off. There are many places in the world that have to deal with wars and a struggle to stay alive.

There are so many reminders that the planet’s biggest and worst plague is the human race. Though, it is not all darkness. There are many humans who have gone above and beyond to ensure greatness and continuity of life. Alfred Nobel is one that comes to mind, Bill and Melinda Gates, Greg Mortenson and so many more.

These people throughout time with their philanthropy and their investment in the planet make us believe that there is hope. We can benefit our planet with a fantastic piece of art, a sensual piece of music or a foundation that devotes itself to eradicating disease or poverty or illiteracy.

As a world we have progressed so far technologically, and we cannot wait for the newest gadget or the latest phone or application that makes our life easier, faster and more efficient.

We just seem to be lacking on the other scale: call it spirituality, global consciousness, morality, whatever it is for each individual. We are definitely as a world not up to par.

So shocking things like Dubai receiving a US$ 9.5 billion loan so it can continue its Palm resort, among other development projects, makes me compelled to write about it and say “Don’t you people read the papers!!!”. Is this really where you want to put all this money? Is there no one else who has a more worthwhile investment opportunity? Ask Muhammad Yunus I’m sure he has some ideas?

Really? - Building some luxurious houses in the shape of a palm in the middle of the sea. So important. This is the ultimate project. This is what human kind has been waiting for? Yes I know, we will be able to see it from the moon. Great. Those of us who survive the devastation of the planet and make it to the moon are going to be really proud of all of you who signed this deal. This is what we will say “we are so glad that we can see a palm shaped island from up here”.

Thank you Dubai. Now I really don’t feel guilty about my Gucci bag.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The utter torment of being a parent and always second guessing yourself

It is so hard today to be the ideal parent. There is so much pressure to be perfect and that we have to live up to these very hard, very unreachable standards. One can no longer claim ignorance 'cause God forbid you are living in 2010 and you have not used books,magazines,newspapers,ebooks,podcasts,blogs,TV shows(Oprah & Dr. Phil),youtube nor the internet to teach yourself how to be a parent. If you haven't used all this information and gotten your act together? Then, you must really be a sad case of a parent and God should have never given you the chance to procreate. You would think that with all this information we would get it right. We still don't get it. Kids need love. That's it. Make sure you make them feel you love them despite their attitudes, despite their pushing your every button. Make sure they know you love them when they disappoint you the most. Make sure they know you love them when you feel you've been repeating yourself for the past 15 years and no one has been listening. Value who they are and what their temperament is and what their limits are. It doesn't matter how much TV they watch nor how many books they read nor what sports they play at what level of competence. Believe it or not even the music lessons and the art lessons aren't what is important? nor is it the number of hours they play on the computer, play PlayStation, Wii, or X-box. Nor is it the number of languages he or she's acquired. It's how much we love and accept them. After 14 years of being a stay at home mom, love is the key. Love is the answer. I know it's corny but it's simple and it's true. Love them and don't hold back, enjoy them. Then, only then will they become a force to be reckoned with.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hosni Mubarak

Where is Hosni Mubarak? Is he still in Heidelberg, Germany or has he gone to Baden to a rehabilitation center?
Amr Adeeb slipped on Saturday night during his program Al Qahira Al Youm and said that Mubarak left the hospital.
Yet all the newspapers in Egypt and abroad, CNN, Reuters and Al-Jazeera are saying that Dr Markus Buechler of Heidelberg University Hospital is saying he is recovering normally.
If s,o why did they stop making press conferences?
Did the Minister of Health of Egypt, Hatem el Gabali really leave to go to the US to attend to his sick wife?
Why are Egyptians always left in the dark?
Why in these modern advanced times, do we need to still sit in ignorance?
Were the tumors really benign? Is he recovering normally?
If so then why hasn't he appeared at all since the operation?
Why is all the state media and even private Egyptian media barely mentioning his name, while usually he is headline news to every story.
Why are the rumors continuing to spread? because he is absent.
Why is he absent?
The Ruling Family refuse to tell us because in their eyes, we are lowly peasants who live on their land and we do not deserve basic human rights.
This is what Egypt has become.
There cannot be so much smoke without a fire being somewhere.

Growing Stairs

I woke up to find myself moving towards the noise. I didn’t know where it was coming from. I grabbed a book, as if whatever would harm me, would be or could be, stopped by a book. I reached the stairs of my house to find them growing. I started to go up and to my surprise another step got added. Where are these steps leading me? To a glowing warm light, and miraculously bright. I want to get to it. So, I patiently wait for each step to appear. What is up there? I wonder. It is definitely supernatural, not of this world. Is God up there? Is it an angel? Are there aliens? Or am I just in a dream waiting to be woken up? The stairs seem endless now. I look back and I can’t see where I started. I only know that I must continue, I must find out. It didn’t feel that long ago to get to where I am. Looking back, I realize how much I’ve climbed. My curiosity is killing me and I know I have to find out what is behind this light, these growing stairs. So I journey on, I am not tired.

Hello Blog World

So I am about to start this journey into the blog world and i am not sure where it will lead me. I hope to write a book someday. maybe short stories. I'd love to hear your comments if you like, dislike, whatever is on your mind, dish it out. I am currently taking a creative writing course with Linda Cleary in Cairo, Egypt.
She is really great and I am starting to find a voice within.
Read on and tell me what you think.